Happiness Habits 613 

Happiness Habits 613 (HH613) is a volunteer-led initiative that aims to increase happiness and build community in the Ottawa and Gatineau area.        Happiness research tells us that 40% of our happiness stems from internal activities that we can fully control, while 10% is due to external factors and 50% is from our genes. What we think, say and do impact our well-being! Our group was established in 2015 to teach others how to increase their happiness and is being relaunched under new leadership in 2020.     Throughout February 2020, the coldest and most isolating month of the year, we are offering 29 free or low-cost, original or partner events, to rally and uplift the community while practicing the 9 Foundational Principles for Cultivating Happiness Habits*:            1. Gratitude 2. Meaningful experiences/Purpose 3. Meditation/Mindfulness 4. Movement 5. Nutrition 6. Altruism/Giving Back 7. Simplifying 8. Connection to Nature 9. Social Investment/Connection     Events will take place across the Ottawa and Gatineau area. A list of February events can be found on Facebook, Eventbrite or Google Calendar.  A map of event locations can be found below.    Events are open to all community members, including families and LGBTQ2S+. No proof of residency is required.  Events are free.  Donations welcome but not required.   Due to the popularity of events and limited capacity, participants must sign up to attend. Liability waivers will be available for all events and must be signed in order to participate. Be happy   
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